How buy/sell prices are determined

We determine calculated prices based on the supply and demand principle on the markets. The largest Gulden market right now, is based on Bitcoin, and takes place at Bittrex. The healthier and the more volume a market has, the better prices we can offer our users. If the order books of Gulden (NLG) are out of balance, meaning a larger gap between BIDS (what the market wants to pay for the currency) and the ASKS (what the market's asking price is for the currency), that means there will be a bigger gap (called the spread in trading terms) between buying and selling prices. This causes a fluctuation in value from point of purchase to point of selling.

The Gulden apps, that use Nocks services, are giving an estimate of how much it thinks the Gulden are worth in euros, to try be helpful - because it is more useful than just seeing the Gulden amount, it is not and cannot ever be an exact number because;

(1) It is constantly changing;
(2) There are at least 10 different ways, if not more, to measure how much your Gulden are worth all of which are wrong in various situations;
(3) Your phone battery will drain very quickly if it were to constantly get the information in real-time, causing a slightly outdated rate at times;
(4) The amount of Gulden involved changes the rate per NLG and the app cannot calculate this.

When you purchase from Nocks or sell to us, Nocks will use an exact rate calculated for your exact transaction, these figures should roughly line up with the rates displayed in the Gulden apps but there are always going to be some anomalies.

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