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Company details:
Nocks B.V.
van Lodensteinstraat 25
2722 CG Zoetermeer

E: [email protected]

KVK: 64502260
BTW: NL855693915B01
IBAN: NL16ABNA0602167736

When issuing a payment through Nocks B.V. you agree with the following terms and conditions:

  • a) The service concerns digital goods without a fixed value. When issuing a payment you agree to the value of these digital goods that Nocks B.V. determines at that time.

  • b) You are aware of the fact that the value of a payment can fluctuate greatly. There is no guarantee that there will be any value retention whatsoever.

  • c) The delivery of digital goods is managed by offering you a signed transaction to the address or IBAN you issued. We guarantee the successfully creation of the transaction, as a service we send this transaction to the network directly. We don't have any control over the handling of this transaction by the network. In the exceptional case that something goes wrong during the processing of the transaction by the network, you have the right to support by Nocks B.V.

  • d) Prices are volatile. Definitive pricing is determined once the payment has started and will appear in the overview of your bank or your wallet.

  • e) A completed payment or transaction (delivery of our product) can not be undone. Entering the correct data (your address/IBAN, amount) is your own responsibility.

  • f) You need to fill out an address or IBAN that you have access to. If you fill out the address or IBAN of someone else then this is at your own risk.

  • g) When we expect fraud/abuse then Nocks B.V. has the right to suspend transactions until the legitimacy of a transaction has been verified.

  • h) Due to volatility delivered goods can not be returned to us.

  • i) Nocks B.V. assumes delivery to individuals so doesn't provide a separate invoice for transactions.

  • j) You are at least 18 years old or have the approval of a parent or guardian.

  • k) Secure storage of your digital goods is your responsibility. Advice given by Nocks B.V. is meant as informing and offers no guarantees.

  • l) You can't disband an agreement due to price volatility.

  • m) In case of bank failure, circumstances beyond our control or other unusual / unforeseen circumstances, where a payment can't be processed in a timely fashion, Nocks B.V. will have a deciding vote if an order is canceled resulting in restitution of the purchase price.

  • n) Nocks B.V. is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under 64502260 – VAT: NL855693915B01.

When selling Bitcoin or Gulden to Nocks the following terms apply:
  • o) Sold are digital goods (Gulden or Bitcoin) without a set or verifiable value. During the sale you agree to the value as determined by Nocks at that time. You realize that the value of sold goods can fluctuate.

  • p) You send the Bitcoin or Gulden to a specified address provided by Nocks. The payment can be processed once we have received the complete amount of Bitcoin or Gulden and the transaction(s) has been verified by the network in question.

  • q) Bitcoin or Gulden need to be sent to us within 10 minutes otherwise they can be returned and the payment isn't processed.

  • r) We process payouts every business day at 12:00. Your payment will be offered to the bank the following business day at the latest. Nocks has no influence at potential delays from the bank.

  • s) Nocks holds the right to return Bitcoin or Gulden, for example when the transaction hasn't been confirmed by the network in question within reasonable time (one hour). Always pay a proper transaction fee to speed up the process.

  • t) It is not allowed to send payments to anonymous bank accounts, such as prepaid-cards. In this case payments aren't processed.

  • u) Providing the right data (recipient address and payment information) is your own responsibility. Nocks can't be held accountable for any damages that arise as a result from wrong data.

  • v) When amounts are refunded onto our account, for example by providing us with wrong data (IBAN, account holder), an amount of 7,50 euros administrative fee will be held from the following payment order.

  • w) You declare that no tax has been deducted from the offered Bitcoin or Gulden.

  • x) You declare that the offered Bitcoin or Gulden are obtained legitimately and you have no knowledge of a potentially illegal origin. In some cases the origin will be checked and additional information may be requested. Nocks has the right to temporarily suspend a transaction to investigate its legitimacy. If legitimacy can't be shown, then the Bitcoin or Gulden will be returned calculated from the payout amount according to the Nocks purchase-price at time of returning the transaction.

  • y) Nocks periodically investigates users with a lot and/or big transactions and additional information may be requested. Nocks has the right to temporarily suspend a transaction in that case.

  • z) When a payment can't be processed by a failure to comply to our terms, the Bitcoin or Gulden worth the payout amount according to the Nocks-purchase price at time of the return will be sent back.

  • Nocks is obligated, when you comply with these terms, to one of the below actions – after receiving your Bitcoin or Gulden (meaning, when these are received with a minimum of one confirm):
    • 1) Payout of the agreed upon euro amount on the specified bank account, only when terms have been fully met.

    • 2) Restitution of the sent Bitcoin or Gulden to the provided return address (minus a maximum fee of 0.0005BTC), when there are unusual circumstances or when the terms haven't been met.

    Nocks will act within one business day, up to two business days. If Nocks fails to comply the seller holds the right to recover his or her Bitcoin or Gulden, including the used transaction fee (max. 0.001BTC). This only applies if the payment hasn't been processed and is exempt of any force majeure.

    You declare all data provided has been filled out truthfully.

    Also read how we determine value here.


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