A few facts about the company.

The Nocks Team

Roel Boer (29) and Patrick Kivits (27) hammer out the inner- and outerworkings of Nocks every day. Our ambition is to build the largest fintech company in the world and redefine the financial landscape as a whole.


Nocks was founded 20th February 2015.
Nocks is the first company built around the Gulden blockchain.
Nocks Trade is the first exchange to introduce the NLG/EUR pair.
We also use QR, NFC, Bluetooth, smart algorithms & many more tech.
We provide trading, merchant, equity, payment & developer tools.
Nocks creates everything in-house, nothing is outsourced.
Prices & value are determined based on supply & demand. Read more →


Building a company from scratch based on a piece of technology that has put the whole world in motion is an incredible challenge, some would think. Nocks doesn't think that way. What we want isn't to offer a solution to a problem, but to offer tools for something that wasn't available. Until now. Control your finances and payments from a singular point of access without having to trust a third-party. We don't control or store your funds, you do, through the app or service you already know and love. Albeit a centralized or decentralized system, that's up to you. We simply help you send money from point A to point B at lightning speed.

Nocks believes that with the right set of tools, people can do great things. And because the technology we use and build ourselves, we can automate and monetize a great deal of people's lives. From buying something as little as a cup of coffee to automating the entire financial process that comes with the distribution and decentralization of solar energy. Use machines and smart algorithms to make all of our lives a little easier, handsfree & access to a completely transparent financial system.


Nocks is committed to redefine the financial landscape. Improving the world's financial system by collaborating with the Gulden developers & combining technologies such as Near Field Communication & QR codes with the existing infrastructure. By wrapping all of these technologies into one spicy cocktail we know our impact on the world will last a long time. We're here to stay.