First company built around the Gulden blockchain.

About Gulden

Gulden is the world's most user-friendly & most reliable digital asset.

Finance is something we all deal with every day. When we buy food, when we save our money for something, when we pay someone (back) or when we receive money. It's a kind-of-weird phenomena that Nocks helped turn completely mobile by utilizing numerous advantages of the Gulden blockchain, NFC technology (contactless payments), QR-codes & our very own AI.

Why Gulden?

Improvements are dreamed up nearly daily and technological improvements for blockchain technology such as Prime have made Gulden the number one digital asset for any company in this day and age. Best of all it's open source or you can just use the Nocks API (PHP SDK) to get started with Gulden blockchain.

Get acquainted

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Buy your first Guldens

You can buy Gulden through the official website, but you can also purchase Gulden right here after you sign-up.

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