Answers to frequently asked questions.

Q:What is a Gulden receive address?

A: This is the address you receive your Gulden on, can be found in your Gulden app. It looks similar to this:

Q: I paid but didn't receive my Gulden yet

A: Is your app completely synced? It's also possible your Gulden are still on their way on the blockchain. Check back in 10 minutes.

Q:I paid for more than I received!

A: There is an intricate process behind calculating and determining valuations. Read this for a more elaborate answer.

Q: I want to buy, but there aren't any Gulden! What am I doing wrong?

A: You aren't doing anything wrong, due to high demand our supplies dry up and we buy new supply as fast as we can from the Gulden market. Just simply try again later.

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