Taking payments to the next level.

Discover new ways to pay

As a Nocks user you get to discover new ways to pay. To process payments we utilize the Gulden blockchain, but we also collaborate with Gulden. This brings forth a whole new experience & performance in payments. With Nocks at the frontier, breaking new ground.

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Become a merchant

Nocks Checkout offers companies a way to accept various (mobile) payment options including Gulden directly at the register using existing hardware & software or using our hardware/software solution. Nocks also offers a free WooCommerce plugin to accept Gulden & Bitcoin.

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Our mission

We're on a mission to redefine the financial landscape. Changing the world's payment system by collaborating with the Gulden developers & utilizing the Gulden blockchain.

Our services

We provide plugins for all types of apps and services. We've wrapped our products in Nocks Pay (consumers), Nocks Checkout (entrepreneurs) and Nocks API (developers).

Nocks team

Roel Boer (29) and Patrick Kivits (27) hammer out the inner- and outerworkings of Nocks every day. We may or may not be looking for another developer.